The most significant achievement of any football academy is producing professional footballers. Over the years, MFA have achieved a number of impressive milestones, some of which we will explore in this article.

Jersey Launch

An event that happened first time ever in the history of Mumbra 500+ guests were present on the day of the Event. News Reporter like HINDUSTANI REPORTER, PUBLIC LIVE NEWS, GLOBAL MEDIA were present to cover the Event. 100+ jersey's were sold on the day of the Event

Youth Championship (U10 & U12)

A one day tournament of Under 12 & 10's, where 16 teams participated in both category from all over Mumbai. Each team got minimum of 3 games i.e. 60 minutes of Football guranteed.
Winners of U12: CHETAN FA
Winners of U10: SOCCERSTAR
Runners Up of U12: MOMIN UNITED FA Runners Up of U12: MUMBRA FA

Ramdan League

A whole month League where 12 teams from all over Mumbra participated. Each team got minimum of 5 games 1.e. 150 minutes of Football guaranted. Winners of Champions League: Mumbra FC, Winners of Europa League: Blue Bells FC, Runners Up of Champions League: FORSAKEN FC, Runners Up of Europa League: MUMBRA FCB, Also Individual Awards were given like TOP SCORER, BEST PLAYER, BEST GK & FAIR PLAY AWARD


Morning Evening Batches Available

Under - 17 Born after 01st January 2007 & Before 31st December 2008
Under - 15 Born after 01st January 2009 & Before 31st December 2010
Under - 13 Born after 01st January 2011 & Before 31st December 2012
Under - 12 Born after 01st January 2012 & Before 31st December 2013
Under - 10 Born after 01st January 2014 & Before 31st December 2015
Under - 08 Born after 01st January 2016 & Before 31st December 2017
Under - 06 Born after 01st January 2018 & Before 31st December 2019